You know that depressing feeling after you wake up from an amazing dream or when you're leaving the theater after watching a great fantasy/sci-fi film? Yeah, I'm a guy who feels that 24/7. I have a general dislike for reality. Sucker Punch lied. I tried exotic dancing to see if it would teleport me to an alternate reality. It didn't work. There's so much things about mundane existence (especially in today's modern society) that irritate me. I'm not a hipster, but I do relate to them on many levels. I'm a movie freak, art lover, aspiring animator, graphic designer/artist and writer, meme photo maker, movie visual nitpicker, graphic design commentator and astronomy lover. Here I get to rant and rave about what I love and what I hate.

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13th June 2013

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If you know me, you’d know that i’m a total sucker for futuristic technology and space. I’m looking forward to watching Elysium because the space station featured is one of the few space stations in modern film that actually has artificial gravity created through realistic means (Centrifugal Force within a Stanford Torus). This one and the “World Space Station” from Mission to Mars

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