You know that depressing feeling after you wake up from an amazing dream or when you're leaving the theater after watching a great fantasy/sci-fi film? Yeah, I'm a guy who feels that 24/7. I have a general dislike for reality. Sucker Punch lied. I tried exotic dancing to see if it would teleport me to an alternate reality. It didn't work. There's so much things about mundane existence (especially in today's modern society) that irritate me. I'm not a hipster, but I do relate to them on many levels. I'm a movie freak, art lover, aspiring animator, graphic designer/artist and writer, meme photo maker, movie visual nitpicker, graphic design commentator and astronomy lover. Here I get to rant and rave about what I love and what I hate.

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4th February 2013

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Ok so, I came across an article a while back that featured this amazing idea being developed in China called the “Straddling Bus”. Think of a hybrid between a monorail and bus. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii, but on the island of Oahu (1/4th the size of my island, yet over quadrupled in population) the traffic is HORRIBLE. It takes like an hour to drive less than a mile sometimes. There’s this gigantic dispute about wether to build a rail system on Oahu, but I figured, why build a rail when THIS would be perfect.

Then I noticed that this idea came out in 2010, it’s 2013. I do see the traffic complications that come with it, but what on Earth is taking them so long?

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